Are you playing small?

If so, you may have a disempowered GOOD GIRL running your life. 
Your GOOD GIRL has many awesome qualities, but I have a secret to tell you. 
She isn't all rainbows, unicorns & sunshine.
She can leave a trail of disempowering patterns.




Not saying, "No"

Diminishing your value

Not keeping boundaries

Needing to be perfect

People pleasing


Avoiding money matters

And more...

It is important to understand how your GOOD GIRL can go bad
 because she has tremendous influence in every aspect of your life:


Career, Love, Success, Money, Relationships
& even your relationship with body.
If your GOOD GIRL has taken over, you struggle to keep boundaries, 

mold yourself to the needs of others and abandon yourself.

But there is also give your power away. OUCH!!

Even empowered women can fall into the Good Girl Trap!!

I know, because that was me.

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 Leadership type?




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