Hey there! I'm Joy

Hey There! I'm Joy

I knew as a young girl that I would be an advocate for women.

I love helping women OWN IT.


I had a desire to open a women's wellness center that would help women heal and thrive in body, mind and spirit. To that end, I earned two Masters degrees -- one in Transpersonal Psychology and another in Oriental Medicine. It was a dream come true to work with women for 2 decades as a life coach and acupuncturist. 


When the economy collapsed in 2008, I lost the majority of my beloved practice. Clients were losing their jobs and homes. It was a chaotic time. While it seemed devastating, sometimes things have to be destroyed so that other things can be born. For years, I had a knowing that I was supposed to be writing. I had been getting this inner call but never had the time to devote to it. So now, writing became my focus. I was still working with a few clients, but in every spare minute I wrote. 


I was on fire about creating personality type systems just for women -- to help them see themselves clearly, both their superpowers and their shadow. I specialized in personality typing while getting my degree in psychology and it continued to be a focus in my practice. However, in all the personality type systems I knew, there was something missing -- the focus on women's psychology and conditioning. I knew I had to create some of my own.


My first book, "Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business," is a guidebook to understanding your personality and unique style of feminine leadership. I created a system called The Feminine Type Success Systemâ„¢ that helps women see their strengths and also their hidden power. In this book, I talk about 4 Business Types: The Nurturer, The Creative, The Expert and The Leader. The types help you harness the power of your personality.


After offering trainings in the Rock Your Feminine Type material, it became clear that many women were hiding out as nurturers and abandoning their inner leader. I knew I had to write a follow-up book delving into the disempowered Good Girl. In "Crack Your Good Girl Code," I share the 4 Good Girl Types that can sabotage you and 8 Power Plays to stand in your value and reclaim your power.

Through writing, teaching, speaking and my coaching programs, I help women unlock their personality, unleash their power and fulfill their potential.


Joy Balma, MA, MS

Women's leadership coach, personality type expert & bestselling author.