Balancing Inner & Outer Success

June 10, 2015


SUCCESS is serious business. We need the financial rewards of it--M.O.N.E.Y.  It is only natural to want to see the fruits of our labor. However, simply making money does not guarantee our happiness, our satisfaction or our fulfillment. 

Women are sometimes more interested in inner success--the intangible rewards that come with nourishing the well-being of others. This means they often, inadvertently, give up on the MONEY aspect of their business.  Especially if they are Nurturing/Creative Types. (see my book Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business.)

The truth is, we are the happiest when we find a balance between inner and outer success. If we move too far in one direction, the other direction calls for our attention because they are both vital to our well-being. 

Oprah is an example of a woman who balances inner and outer success.  Her wealth and abundance going hand in hand with her caring, creativity, sharing, service, spirituality and soulfulness.  She shows us how to bring our money and meaning together- our power and our passion!

Inner and outer success are like yin and yang—opposites that continually seek balance—one without the other is incomplete. When they are equally valued, they enhance and support us beautifully to be whole and complete human beings.

Inner success is…
When we feel fulfilled by the work that we do.
When we nourish the well-being of others.
When we contribute.
What we give.
Who we are ”being.”
When we feel we are fulfilling our purpose.

Outer success is… 
When we experience the rewards of our ambitions, actions, dreams and desires.
When we reach our goals, achieve and earn money.
When we are recognized.
What we get.
What we are “doing.”
When we are rewarded financially- money.

This balance between inner and outer success can also be recognized as the balance between our inner masculine and inner feminine. It is vital that we validate both our inner and our outer success equally. They are like wings of a bird. We need both to fly. Moving too far in either direction is a sign of an imbalance.

Are you more heavily weighted toward inner or outer success? 

What 3 actions step could you take to strike a balance?


Be bold, be brilliant, be you







Joy Balma, MA, MA is a women's leadership mentor,  personality type expert and bestselling author.  She is the founder of The Good Girl to Goddess Academy where she helps women rock their personality strengths, own their power and fulfill their potential.





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