The Problem With Over-Giving

January 11, 2018


Non-receivers attract non-givers.



Does that hit you right between the eyes? Are you a big over-giver? If so, your inner Good Girl may be imbalanced.  Our inner Good Girl has many virtues but she can also sabotage us. For example, when we need to be 'the giver,' we can attract people who need our help but who often can't give to us. While this is fine and expected in our humanitarian projects, it becomes a real problem if the people closest to us can't give to us. 


Have you surrounded yourself with people who don't have the capacity to give to you?


I called this Good Girl personality type "The Fixer" or Fix-It Fran. She often puts up with relationships where she gives and the other person takes. She does this by not creating boundaries or expecting a fair exchange of energy. Fix-It Fran creates inequities in her relationships, her business and her life because she actually resists receiving. But she doesn’t see how she does this though. She likes being the saint and the savior. 


There is nothing wrong with being a big-hearted giver, except that it can cause imbalances that can seriously hinder our happiness and success. For example, the Fixer struggles to make money in her business no matter what she does. She often feels her generosity is taken for granted and that she is taken advantage of.  The truth is,  she blocks receiving and so she doesn't experience the flow in her life that she so rightly deserves. 


Giving and receiving need to be in harmony, but Fix-It Fran does not attract, create or expect equitable relationships. 



In my book, Crack Your Good Girl Code, I describe 4 Girl Types. 

The Peacekeeper, The Pleaser, The Fixer and the Perfectionist.


After you take a questionnaire in my book, you will find your top 2 scoring Good Girl types. These are the combinations.  

Perfectionist- Fixer
Perfectionist- Pleaser
Perfectionist- Peacekeeper
Fixer- Pleaser
Fixer- Peacekeeper
Pleaser- Peacekeeper


What is your Good Girl Type? Find out!

Understanding your personality patterns will empower you.


Be bold, be brilliant, be you!

xo, Joy






Joy Balma, MA, MA is a women's leadership mentor,  personality type expert and bestselling author.  She is the founder of The Good Girl to Goddess Academy where she helps women rock their personality strengths, own their power and fulfill their potential.







© Joy Balma Copyright. All rights reserved





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