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Kellie Rae

Joy helped me to powerfully understand my personality type and my shadow in the most nurturing, nourishing, and supportive way. I was able to heal some things from my past, so I could move forward with passion and confidence knowing my strengths. 

Her presence and work is literally a JOY. I have witnessed how women are touched by her incredible body of work. They are able to reclaim their power, their self~love and their voice. 

Joy’s work will help you integrate and implement your feminine power. I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance.

Nadia Shana Krauss

Joy’s genius message of empowerment handed me a permission slip to climb out of my Good Girl box - a box that had trapped me my whole life.  What a relief! I could finally discover who I really was on a deep psychological level and love myself… all of me, even the scars that weren’t so pretty.  Each step I took brought new insight into how I had squelched the most dynamic and creative part of myself by allowing my dis-empowered Good Girl to run the show. And, by doing so, how I had also cheated my clients, friends, and family out of experiencing my beautiful feminine superpowers.


Thanks to Joy Balma, my Diva and my Good Girl are now best friends—a true balancing act. I now speak, teach, and coach with full confidence because I learned how to rock all of me. 

Kellie Rae Stone

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